Koko Brandao

Born in Aparecida, Brazil, Kokó Brandão (Teresa Cristina Brandão) attended at art school in Brazil Lorena at FATEA University, Lorena, SP, Brazil. However, she only perfected her technique when she moved to United States. Her figurative forms magically capture the beauty of female portraiture – while creating art that is completely modern and original.

Kokó is inspired by the graceful elegance of the female form. At times classically alluring, demure and provocative, her art has a pervasive sense of sophistication. The passionate and dynamic application of paint on the canvas and the artist’s signature use of expressive color combine to create her uniquely recognizable hairstyle.

Looking at Kokó Brandão’s work, you always get a feeling of the artist’s soul – tension behind the painting … interaction of strong tones and the bright color impact … abstract elements and the sensual dynamics.

Kokó believes inspiration is something that fills your eyes – that makes you smile and believe that things can be better. She is inspired by many artists and hopes that others are inspired by her as well.