Kim Lams & Ibrahim Bozdag

Artemis Designs was co-founded by Ibrahim Bozdag, and Kimberly Lams. This artisan/entrepreneur couple makes beautiful Sterling Silver jewelry with exotic leathers.  

Ibrahim is a trained silversmith, and has been making jewelry professionally for over 15 years.  He uses traditional techniques to execute his designs.

Kimberly is an B.A. artist and designer.  She has a wide range of creative talents including painting and photography, which give her a unique perspective in jewelry design.  

Both Ibrahim and Kimberly are inspired by natural and organic textures.  This artisan couple uses their talents in a wonderful working partnership. They combine exotic leathers and precious metal in new and exciting ways, making jewelry for men and women. 

Artemis Designs collection highlights the natural patterns and textures found on alligator and python leather.  Using those natural patterns as inspiration, a brand new collection and concept of jewelry making evolved using a combined skill-set of silversmithing and leather working techniques.  The goal of this collection was to create wearable art pieces unlike any other jewelry company in the world.  Proudly made in the USA, Artemis Designs continues to push the boundaries of jewelry design and mixed media techniques, using only the best sourced materials possible.