Kimberly Alicea
Soaps & Lotions

 A few decades ago…well, ok...five, I was born and raised in a small farming community, where many people still home grow their fruits and vegetables, make their own quilts and yes, their own soap. So, I would like to give thanks to my grandmother for teaching me the value of hard work and the benefits of handcrafted goods.

I unfortunately, like many people these days, suffer from eczema. This is a very common skin condition with dry itchy patches of skin.  More than 3 million new cases are reported every year, all ages from infants to elderly.  My children and grandchildren also suffer from this all too common condition. I discovered there were many things that could trigger an outbreak.  Commercial soaps are very high on the list. So, how do you avoid soap and still have friends and family willing to sit next to you at dinner? The challenge was to find something that cleanses without stripping away the natural oils in my skin.  Commercial soaps are, really, “detergents” that dry our skin. Handcrafted natural soap, rich in natural oils worked for me.  I thought, “I’ve found my mission”. I can do this. I can make the best possible bar of soap for my family.

I spent the next three years and countless hours experimenting with different recipes until I achieved my goal, a perfectly balanced soap bar with natural oils and butters that my skin needed. My family, close friends and coworkers all loved it.  “Of course, they did”, you are probably thinking.  But they were convinced that my soap was making a difference in their skin and not just those with eczema.  I started selling my soap to friends of friends, and in local farmers markets with an overwhelmingly positive response. Now, I am happy to bring CoCo Beso Soap to you.  I hope that you enjoy it as much as we do.