Kevan Breitinger
Mixed Media

"I am a self-taught mosaic artist who first started when an illness sidelined me from my very physical job. Necessity drove me into the art world, but my poor health quickly showed its silver lining when I fell in love with the mosaic art form. The deal was sealed when I began creating my own mosaic tiles from polymer clay and making use of my collection of found objects and retro items. I’m also a writer, so the mixed media form fits me to a tee; I enjoy assembling the various handmade mosaic components into a message-driven unique piece. Many of my mosaics will feature thought-provoking lyrics or quotes, and the handmade tiles are created and arranged to accentuate this theme, using vibrant colors and funky accents to enhance the power of the piece and its message. Recurring themes include peace, encouragement, beauty, or humor, and I’ve especially enjoyed contributing work in support of various causes, such as animal rescue missions. I also enjoy the distinctiveness of the art form, as I have yet to see anything like my work at any of the many art shows I’ve participated in. And by the way, my creativity even fueled my physical recovery, leaving me a thriving artist with much gratitude."