Kenneth Aunchman

"I work in oils and have been selling my work as my sole source of income for the past 40 years. I am the sole creator of each of my oil paintings. I do all the work personally without the use of apprentices or assistants. All my work is done by hand with a paintbrush and not airbrush. I say that because my work is very smooth with little to no brushstrokes. It is more like a potrait style of painting.

My latest works are three-dimensional paintings of aquatic life. I call these images SEA3D. To create the illusion of depth I diffuse and mute the color in the background. In the foreground I use crisper, brighter colors that are hotter-edged and warmer. The cooler colors recede and the warmer colors extend off the canvas enhanced further with the use of special polarized 3D lenses. Much work is involved in the coloration to create the multiple levels in the painting. The outcome is a painting that allows the viewer to feel the sensation of diving among whales, dolphins and tropical fish. 
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Fish on America!!!!"