Kaytha Coker Potts
Mixed Media

Yarn and Fabric Paintings
Although I have been working in the arts for over two decades, only in the last two years have I begun to show and actively sell my work, focusing exclusively on yarn and fabric paintings- an idea that morphed and grew out of my years as an art educator. Expounding on the idea of yarn paintings- oiginally derived from the Huichol Indians in Mexico, I have enjoyed experimenting with the color, texture, patterns and possibilities that this unusual medium presents. 
I begin by preparing my surface with fabrics, molding the fabric to the canvas or board. Next, I sketch out my composition, painting in large areas with acrylic wash or watercolor. Once the ink is dry, I begin lying down the yarn one strand at a time, working small sections at a time, using a permanent fabric adhesive. The end result is almost like a tapestry to which I often will add layers of paint to achieve a look of layered depth and texture that appears to jump off the canvas.