Kathi Allen
Throughout the years I have always dabbled with art. As a teenager, I took art lessons from a very famous artist in Virginia. The paintings that I created were realistic and done in his style. I just didn’t resonate with that although it was fun, the work wasn’t saying “me”. Then after a visit with my cousin in Texas, she taught me macramé and we created belts, necklaces and other things. I always looked up to her as she is a very gifted and talented artist. My next “art foray” was into the arena of hand painted floor canvasses. I had a ball creating “art you can walk” on. I painted these for a number of years and participated in many art shows, mostly in the state of Florida.
Art has always taken a back seat for me because it was necessary to have a “real” job. That’s when I stepped away from creating.  I always felt like something was missing, so after a couple of years, I ended up taking some on line art classes from a number of other artists. It wasn’t until I found the universe of mixed media painting that I found what really sang to me. I also found something much more important and that is “my” style. What a great feeling!
My paintings have so many layers – napkins, origami papers, sheet music & tissue papers. If I could figure out how to get a kitchen sink in there, I would probably use that as well!
My other favorite “go to” supplies include oil paint sticks, inks, acrylics, pan pastels, paint pens and water soluble pencils. Less is more with many things, but certainly not art supplies.
I’ve decided to re-enter the art world and will show my work for the first time at art shows in 2019. We’ll see where this road leads me!