Karen Kurta

"I’m told I light up when I have a camera in my hands. I think that’s a pretty accurate statement. Photography is really all I ever wanted to do. Somehow I ended up in the world of marketing and graphic design—which I also enjoy—but photography is my first love.

I’m a take-the-scenic-route type, so when I see a stunning landscape, iconic architecture, or the perfect lighting, all I want to do is photograph it. I see the world in pictures and I love how they can make you feel. The calming effect of an epic landscape, the silky rush of a waterfall, or the excitement of a city lit up at night all make you want to go there and experience that. That’s a powerful thing. I try to capture those feelings in my photographs, so others can see the world like I do.

My photographic interests go way beyond nature and landscapes. I have always been fond of portraits. There is nothing better than seeing the smile on someone's face when they see a photo you captured. It's so rewarding!

Since my marketing career took me into the world of construction, I focused some of my talents on architectural photography. I love lines and angles and all the wonderful details that make buildings unique. Combining that with my marketing experience directly translates to real estate photography, where I can use my skills to help agent build their businesses.

Please contact me about how I can help you with your photography needs. I look forward to working with you".