Justin Noelke
Mixed Media

I am an artist specializing in bronze and wood abstract sculpture. One of my passions is antiquing and transforming old into new. As we walked through a small antique store on the east coast I spotted an old crate with very distinct and eye catching graphics. I thought to myself, I bet I could insulate this and insert a copper basin. My wife thought I was crazy, but I got to work formulating a plan from scrap, as I didn't have any experience in copper and very little in soldering. About a month later I had completed my first cooler, which we used as a wedding present for close friends of ours. It was an automatic hit and used at numerous parties and word started to spread. As time went on I kept developing and designing new ideas. I then began creating custom, handcarved coolers out of local materials, which has turned into our +1 seller. We now offer a variety of woods and can create just about any custom design, whether handcarved or out of laser cut steel. Each cooler is completely handcrafted and will last for ages, creating a family heirloom for many years to come! Check out our shop to learn more.