Justin Key

’ve never felt as much purpose in life as I did the first time I held a camera. As a kid, it was easy to trade obsessions at the drop of a hat but photography always stuck with me. As soon as I bought my first camera, I started to see the world in compositions. My dad had to turn the car around and pull over to the side of the road so I could take my first picture. It didn't take long for my parents to realize my camera would be holding us up from then on.


Green Bay, Wisconsin is my hometown and will forever be the only place that truly feels like home. I grew up with family vacations every summer that opened my eyes to all the corners of our nation. Every year it was a trip to a new location where we would take in all we could before coming home. My idea of a vacation became more about exploration than relaxation.


I developed my photographic skills at the University of Northern Michigan where I graduated with a degree in photography. My concentration shifted dramatically during my time at school. Sports had become my concentration upon entering college, but I found out fast how hard it is to justify action shots for every assignment in an art program.


As much as I loved the challenge of sporting events, I throughly enjoyed experimenting with new subject matters. I began playing around with exposure rates and time lapse effects on nature. The outdoors had always been my favorite place to be, and with a camera in my hands, I couldn't stay away.


Nature has always caught my interest. As a kid, I loved to learn about plants and animals and spent most of my time outdoors. Marquette, Michigan became a year round playground for my camera and I. Even in the dead of winter, I was crawling around frozen Lake Superior, diving in ice caves and sitting on the edge of ice floats. Staying on the trail is an issue for me, but I find it pleases the camera.


A year after graduating, I moved to Denver, Colorado for a new adventure with my wife, Sarah. You find out just how open minded you are when someone asks you to leave your home to move half way across the country. It took a couple of months out here to realize I won't be able to question her adventurous proposals anymore. Both Sarah and I have the itch to see all we can see. We are determined to put pins all over the world and my camera will be there all along the way.


My concentration has settled on fine art landscape photography. The beauty of the natural world should remain untouched and I believe my photos should as well. I let the land do the talking and refrain from extensive editing in my work. My goal is to bring the world into peoples' homes and inspire others to explore this amazing planet.