Julie Gootman

"Life is a journey; we all evolve into what we are at the present based on the experiences of our past. I have been studying pottery and creating clay sculptures for over 20 years.  I have found that all my life experiences have influenced how I create my art.

My life journey started in the Medical field as a RN with a minor in Psychology. I had the privilege to work as an OB nurse watching the miracle of birth and then I worked with the elderly helping them on their journey at the end of their life. The experiences of being a nurse made me aware of the human suffering and the compassion of helping others in need.  I found that art reflected the experiences of my life.

My one of a kind piece are created look fragile and are thin to touch, but strong in constitution. Each piece has hill and valleys which represent the topography of the hill I love but also the peaks and valleys of our lives. I blend several glazes together forming movement in the glaze. The burst of light in the glaze reminds me to enjoy creating art".