Julio Garcia
Mixed Media

"My paintings come from deep with...they are an invitation to travel." Julio's colorful and symbolic works express a moment or emotion, through figures with asymmetrical eyes and contorted hands and feet. He strives to create art that allows the viewer to "travel into the inner landscape" of themselves. Described as "surrealistic" and "ancient", Julio's works feature such figures from the past as court jesters and musicians, as well as the Virgin Mary. Julio gives the viewer a three-dimensional view by raising various areas of the work with layers of paint.

Mexican artist, Julio C. Garcia invites the viewers of his captivating paintings to travel to the inner human experience, where his disassembled characters possess an energy that emanates from the very canvas itself. He describes his work as surrealistic, with ancient overtones. Self-taught Garcia is guided by instinct and emotion. His paintings are rich with human images drifting through time and space revealing their essence as both endearing and numinous. Layered paint adds texture and a three-dimensional quality. Garcia was raised on a Cochimi Indian reservation and attributes the pure nature of his upbringing to his quest to express his spirituality. The unique quality of Garcia's work transports the viewer beyond the Surrealist dream world and into a moment when the truth can step forward. We are at once beautiful and proud, and at once disassembled and broken.