Julie Carlson

"Being in nature, climbing the trees and playing in swamps, set the childhood stage for my life's work.  The sensation of beauty, peace, power, and greatness in nature guides and inspires me to see the underlying perfection in all things.  My ability to see the external appearance and internal essense of meaningful subjects allows me to portray the beautiful world in which I live.

When I am in unity and harmony with a subject it sparks an internal reaction from the core of my being.  My mind quiets down, my hand moves automatically and effortlessly upon the canvas, and I bring out the truth of what I know and love.  My paintings invite reflection and appreciation for beauty, provide pleasure, and influence what the world sees beyond life's environmental issues. 

When I locate the perfect subject matter my mind quiets down and my hand automatically moves paint onto the canvas. Standing among nature with the trees and flowers make me feel alive. I love to paint these visual effects that I transform into my art work".