J. Sullivan

J. B. Sullivan’s critters and creatures cause young and old alike to peer closely at his graphite drawings. Hundreds of pencil strokes go into each piece, resulting in a realistic style of immense detail.  A raconteur himself, Sullivan’s art conveys an unforgettable story.

A rare Colorado native, Sullivan’s art reflects his western heritage and love of the outdoors. Wildlife and animals of all kinds are his favorite subjects.  Each animal must be anatomically correct and true to its species.  Snouts, hooves, and fur are carefully studied by Sullivan.  He possesses a well developed eye for the unique composition, proper lighting, and special moments in time.

Graphite, Sullivan’s specialty, starts with a rough sketch.  A detailed drawing emerges from literally hundreds of hours of close pencil work. Tonal variances are created by skillful use of the correct lead and contrasting white space.