JP Diroll Diroll

As a photographer, my true subject is light. I work almost strictly outdoors so my work lives and dies with the sun and ambient light. When looking upon a scene, if the light is not pleasing, unique, or interesting, chances are I am not going to click my camera’s shutter. I do, on occasion, take a photo for reference for a future trip, because when I do find a compelling new subject, or a new perspective on a familiar subject, I will revisit the location until the light complements my vision for capturing the scene.

In addition to light, the dominant subject of my photography is the city of Pittsburgh. Pittsburgh is often overlooked as a major US metropolis, not usually lumped together with Los Angeles, New York or Chicago. I hope to change that. It is my goal to assist in bringing recognition to Pittsburgh by crafting beautiful photographs of the skyline, exemplifying not only its beauty, but also its uniqueness. With no shortage of vantage points, some well known and others not known at all, I find myself able to focus on the city in untraditional ways while keeping the skyline recognizable.

I work strictly with digital photographs and that affords me great flexibility in crafting my final vision. I work tirelessly to get all of the essentials, such as exposure, aperture, composition, etc., correct in camera before bringing the photos to the computer. This is the point where I make the photo my own. In today’s digital age where cameras are readily available, it is vital to have a unique style. With a combination of a realistic representation of what is in front of my lens, a hint of digital processing, and a final product that is often printed on to aluminum, I believe I’ve developed a one-of-a-kind style.