Joyce Stewart

Jes believes that clothing should fit and flatter the body. Size is irrelevant, because with the correct fit a woman can be comfortable, look great and feel wonderful about herself! The sizes I create range from sizes XXS - 4XL. These  sizes really represent the women in my family which is a representation of the populous.I remember my sister sobbing in a fitting room of a store out of sheer frustration, because she could not find an outfit to compliment her why not create to really represent the women?

I made my first article of clothing when I was about 12 years old. I converted my sleep wear into a blouse and continued from there........ 

My designs have been  presented by Museum Gift Shops and Specialty Boutiques accross the country. You may also see me at a juried handmade in the USA show. My pieces are all created in my 1200 square foot studio with the help of my wonderful assistants. I have a love affair with  fabrics and  texture.....pleating, crushing and changing the surface by adding bits and pieces to the fiber.  

The vision is for you to be truly satisfied with a Jes irie Wear piece, so please enjoy!