Joyce Berthelsen

Description of Material and Technique
Wet on wet and dry brush techniques in acrylics are applied to a gallery wrap canvas. Many times I will apply varying washes to get deeper color and depth in the painting. Paintings represent, for the most part, landscapes, pottery, pueblo ruins and missions actually visited. Some contain more elements of my personal vision and interpretation. Highlights are used to take the viewer to the “point of interest;” then through the painting; and back again to the “point of interest.”

Joyce has spent the bulk of her adult life in the Rocky Mountains of Southern Colorado and Northern/Central New Mexico.  Her exposure to , and understanding of, the San Juan, Sangre de Cristo and Sacramento Mountains has resulted in a deep love for the expansiveness and beauty of the Rocky Mountain Chain.  This is evidenced by the reality and clarity found in her acrylic paintings of mountain and cliff dwelling landscapes and scenes which put the viewer in that spot…at that time…with that view.

At an early age, Joyce, also developed an understanding and strong respect for the Native American history and heritage associated with these mountain regions.  This is illustrated in the beauty and sorrow of the broken pot paintings and the spiritual nature of the pueblo and cliff dwelling work.  Both represent her deep-seated reverence for Native Americans and appreciation of the natural world.

Joyce has participated in numerous juried art shows throughout Colorado, New Mexico and Texas.  The popularity of her broken pot paintings…in shows, galleries and commission work…has earned her the nickname of “the pot lady” in many artist circles (often requiring and explanation for those not familiar with her work.)  She has been an active member of multiple art associations, communities and groups throughout the Southwest.

Joyce now resides in Alto, New Mexico just outside the resort community of Ruidoso in the mountains of central New Mexico.  She lives with her husband, a retired IBM executive.