Josh Fradis

The history of glassblowing and the fact that it has hardly changed over the past 2,000 years is what I respect and admire. The only thing that has changed is technology and how we achieve our heat. Glassblowing is an art form that not anybody can do at any time. You cannot go to the art supply store and buy the equipment and materials needed to create a beautiful piece of glass and begin tonight. It is a relationship that you build and nurture over a lifetime in a very uninviting and intimidating environment.

What is beautiful and captivating is the way the glass and light interact with each other. This harmonious interaction is something that you cannot achieve in any other medium. This process is such a personal interaction between medium and artist that no two glass artists can create anything in the same way, shape, or feeling of expression. Almost like an interpretive dance, everybody has their own way of expressing their individual “olé!” that is different from everyone else. It is not necessarily better or worse, just different so you just have to go with what appeals to you.