Joni Gotthelf

Inspiration can come from many places, but a true artist derives it from something that is very personal and intangible. Joni Gotthelf is one such artist whose inspiration comes from a basic understanding and deep appreciation of color. From the soft golden hues of a mountain sunset to the brilliant color rainbows of Colorado wildflowers, Joni sees her jewelry designs evolve in the free-flowing technique of dropping colors together as the piece comes to life.

It’s a serenely satisfying process to create such one-of-a-kind beauty by hand; quietly selecting and threading uniquely cut stones with high karat gold. A process that has been perfected over a 30 year career in designing fine jewelry while working side by side with her designer husband, Paul. Since 1980, the two have owned four successful jewelry boutiques in Vail, Beaver Creek, Denver and Edwards, Colorado.Today she lives in Vail with her husband and three children.

She creates elegant and dramatic jewelry that is unforgettable and never duplicated. Color intensifies some of the most satisfying experiences of your life and wearing the designs of Joni Gotthelf places you into those moments forever.