John McManus

""The camera is the instrument I use to grasp the great beauty of our earth and my love and respect for its raw magnificence. Natural or made by the hand of man. My goal in the art of photography has always been to evoke emotion in the viewer and provide everlasting portraits of landscapes, structures and its inhabitants. I remain committed to the diligent and never-tiring pursuit to capture exceptional imagery.” – JOHN MCMANUS

"You don't take a photograph, you make it." - Ansel Adams

"Anything that excites me for any reason, I will photograph; not searching for an unusual subject matter, but making the commonplace unusual." - Edward Weston

"Isn't life a series of images that change as they repeat themselves?" - Andy Warhol

"A picture lives by companionship, expanding and quickening in the eyes of the sensitive observer. It dies by the same token. It is, therefore risky to send it out into the world. How often it must be impaired by the eyes of the unfeeling and the cruelty of the impotent." - Mark Rothko