John Wayne Jackson
Mixed Media



John Jackson’s work can best be described as resin fusion.  Incorporating multiple media such as spray lacquer, artists’ acrylic, mica powder, oxides, pigments, resin and a variety of solvents, his finished pieces evoke a three-dimensional quality suspended in the thin layers.  Abstract in nature, the vivid colors, textural depth, misty pools, and connecting pathways compel the viewer to fuel their own imagination.  



John’s previous work of 20 years - botanical leaf sculptures - established him as the foremost artist of that form.  With the COVID 19 pandemic, his work ground to an abrupt halt, giving him the unique opportunity to pivot his creative efforts.  Taking advantage of the 18 month down time, John pursued his long-held desire to work with resin, and poured himself into creating this new art form.  

Working from his studio in the hills of Black Mountain, NC, Jackson found inspiration in exploring new techniques and finishes.  “A willingness to fail is the most precious asset I possess. It allows me to push beyond what is known into new creative territory.”  Tapping into this passion for experimentation, Jackson’s take on resin art pushes the boundaries of what others have done, putting a new and refreshing spin on resin art. His resulting works create three-dimensional illusions that challenge the viewer to reconcile what they see within material that is actually smooth and credit card thin. 

John shares his studio with his wife, inspiration, muse, and partner of thirty years…Paige.