John Galbo

John Galbo's evolution as an artist is somewhat inexplicable.  He was an educator, who until the mid 1980's had no knowledge of French Impressionism. He received a gift of a magic mirror that transformed its reflected imagery into an Impressionistic picture when photographed. This was the beginning of his artistic journey.

Influences have been varied: photographers Robert Doisneau, David Hamilton, and Ruth Bernhard, Impressionist and Fauvist painters, and his 6th grade teacher, the beloved Mrs. Mary Bush. Academic training and vocation as a Sociologist-Anthropologist have equipped him with a relativistic perspective that has given him "entree" into a varied array of world cultures.

Work with creative and courageous models, and gallery and art exhibitions have all contributed to demanding his creativity never become static.

John's ideas, from countless contributors, is the synergy of cultural relativism, heightened awareness, and reverence for the sacred and the profane. This philosophy is expressed through his unique synthesis of digital photography and acrylic paint to create mixed media work.

The goal is to cultivate an appreciation of art; revering its pure, unfettered beauty, while stoking its infinite possibilities.