John Elliott


John Elliott an artist, designer and illustrator, with experience in live theatrical and film production as well as game design.  He has degrees in Industrial Design and Art & Design from NC State University’s College of Design, and has worked professionally in various design-related fields for over 10 years. He is a North Carolina native, but has travelled extensively throughout Europe, studying art, architecture and design in major art-historic centers, including Florence, Rome, and Paris. He also has a penchant for languages – comfortable working in French, Italian, German, and even a smattering of Russian and Spanish, if he is not fluent, you can immerse him in a language, and he will become so in short order.

John has a background in traditional fine arts, including drawing, painting, sculpture, and illustration, as well as digital techniques for rendering and modeling in Photoshop, 3D StudioMax, and UnrealEngine, to name but a few.  He also has a love of film, and is versed in screenwriting/scripting, filmmaking, storyboarding, and many aspects of music composition, performance and engineering. When he’s not working or creating, his loves include movies, music, video games, martial arts, and spending time with his two children.