John Darre
Mixed Media

"A true native New Orleanianm John Darre has called this city home since 1953. He was raised in the heart of New Orleans on Washingron and prier and watched the Mardi Gras Indians congregate outside his front door as a child. MAr Gras was always his most favorite holiday. These memories formed the vision for his art. At age 13, he began working for John Deutschman float builders, learning sculpting and painting in the float den. His art depicts what he grew up witnessing each day. His fine art photos depict historic and iconic treasures of the city. He digitilly manipulates his image until he captures the mood, soul and culture of what New Orleans is all about. His limited edition prints are orintd on cotton rag etching paper, using archival ink and the highest wuality framing materials. John is extremely grateful to have the opportunity to share his work with you in Dutch Alley Artist co-op. Recent work allowed him ti exhibit in New York City and San Francisco, touching both coasts and spreading part of his hometown's magic across the country".