John Blowers

"Art Speaks to us from beyond the limits of language. It wants to succeed and endure. For the viewer, it can be a window or better yet...a door.

When I am creating something for the very first time, I am seeing something new that I have uncovered through the process of painting it. I have my own "window" to see it and reflect on what has taken place, as if the painting somehow created itself. This is a time for the Ego to be absent so that higher consciousness is made available to lead in all the creative processes.

I start painting without much thought or planning, but instead, rely on the unseen forces that range from subtle nuances or faint whisperings to almost explosive compelling energies which float or soar in front of me as I continue painting. The whole time, I am looking for truth to reveal itself. So, the "window" provides the view and the "door" is there to be opened for the passage over the new ground of personal transformation. That is the "enduring "part; that I or subsequent viewers can revisit the piece again and again and be in that very personal space with it. It is then that we can cross over the threshold and experience truth and transformation whose limits are defined only by our imagination."