Jim Rasmussen

James A. Rasmussen is an award-winning, nationally recognized photographer who displays and sells his work in juried fine art shows. He is the recipient of numerous commendations, including Best of Show.

Mr. Rasmussen earned a Bachelor of Arts in Design from the University of Illinois at Chicago and has been a professional photographer for over 30 years. Beginning his career in photo-journalism and advertising photography, he found his passion in shooting for his own pleasure and selling his images. This love of photography has taken him across the country as he captures unique images of popular American landscapes, cities, and sports teams. His work compels the viewer to take a fresh new look at familiar scenes.

Mr. Rasmussen has blended a Hawaiian flavor into his collection of Americana. He has captured the islands' most beautiful scenic wonders. Taking his expertise across the ocean, Mr. Rasmussen has also preserved some of the greatest scenes of Europe. Views of England, Ireland, France and Italy are an integral part of the Rasmussen Photography Collection. Most recently, Mr. Rasmussen celebrated with the World Series Champion Chicago Cubs by capturing the excitement of the city's festivities in a number of photographs and photographic collages.

Rasmussen Photography clients receive high quality works of fine art. Mr. Rasmussen notes that a true photographic artist only begins his work when the picture is snapped. Images are produced to his unbending standards. Presentation is an all-important factor. A firm believer that his work is best featured in double, triple and open V groove mat formats, as well as printed on canvas in a mirrored gallery wrap. Mr. Rasmussen uses high quality mat board and a professional mounting procedure. Each piece is individually hand cut, signed, numbered and titled. Surrounded by a beautiful frame of either metal or ornate woodwork, the result is a striking piece of art suitable for display in your home or office. 
Also captured in Mr. Rasmussen's photographs is his great love for his work. The most impressive evidence of Mr. Rasmussen's reputation is that his works of art grace the homes and offices of many enriched clients. 
Working with both 35mm and 4x5 formats, Mr. Rasmussen is able to provide his clients with the finest quality no matter what size the finished product will be.