Jill Banks

After turning to art as a second career in 2003, Fairfax VA artist Jill Banks dove in head first and has been up to her elbows in paint ever since.

She’s set up her easel in towns all across the country and closer to home. Spent three days in her NYC hotel room shower equipped with floor to ceiling capturing sunrise to sunset in the city. Painted along the Seine in Paris.

Days are filled with one adventure after another, exploring places, enjoying meeting the people in them, capturing the world as she finds it at that moment. She lives outside of her comfort zone and likes it there.

As a “city girl”, having lived on the outskirts of Chicago, New York, and now Washington, D.C., Banks loves the energy and pulse of city life and sees beauty in people, urban places and manmade things. Her street, market and restaurant scenes bring that bustle to life. Having had a florist in the family (her mom, dad and grandmother once owned flower shops) influences her art, too. Banks’ life has been filled with beautiful tablescapes her Dad sets that make each day seem like a celebration. No wonder she gravitates to painting still life subjects with saturated color, and finds joy in everyday moments and things. They are something to celebrate!