Jessica Keemer

"My artwork is inspired from the all of the beauty around us especially the wonders of the ocean and our spiritual universe.

I make artwork that respects and is influenced from the natural world. I recognize the balance between humans and nature. The materials I choose to use are responsibly mined, collected and purchased.Two of the materials I use are borosilicate glass and enamel. The glass gives me the opportunity to recreate the colors of the sea, sky, flora, and fauna. Some pieces can even look like the Northern Lights. Enamel lets me experiment with gradations of colors and textures that I find in nature around me. My artwork is about discovering. My hope is that my works of art influence others to be informed about the environment and its issues as well as recognizing the balance between humans and nature. I make art to draw attention to environmental issues. I want people to find a piece of my art that inspires them and makes them reflect on a memory from a past experience or past adventure".