Jessica Cloarec and Tangi Dupont
Mixed Media

An artist since 2004, Jessica Cloarec decided in early 2012 to drop her brushes for palet knives ...! In each of her paintings, the French-British artist draws on her memories and emotions to show us her world.

You could get carried away by her vibrant colors, freshness and poetry that moves into her paintings. She does not hesitate to incorporate "Little bits" (newspapers, handmade paper) that she collected in the course of her travels in Asia and America. Reviving the contrasts between layers and colors, she invites us to dream and travel; take a look you will find your cocoon in her paintings. She also makes jewerly (resin), often with a detail of one of her paintings.

In June 2015,  Jessica relocated from France to Florida in hopes of making one of her dreams come true; to open her own art gallery with her husband in Venice.