Jenny Goring
Mixed Media

My artwork highlights the power of nature to lower stress, increase happiness and bring a sense of joy and connection to others. I believe that both art and nature have the power to improve people's lives. Surrounding yourself with beauty is good for your soul. I hope my artwork brings you joy!

Most of my artwork is based on the flowers I grow in my yard. I use photographs of my flowers and create intricate digital patterns on my computer. In my signature style of collage-painting I prepare a wood panel by cutting, sanding and staining it. For the background, I pour paint and/or manipulate magazine pages in a way that lifts the ink off of the page and swirls it around. This makes an abstract but very natural-looking background in a rich array of natural brown, olive, and purple/blue tones. I use my patterns to cut fancy art papers into the shapes of the leaves, stems and petals. I draw details using colored pencils or ink. After gluing everything in it’s proper place, I add shadows and highlights by painting with acrylics.