Jennifer Beaudoin Moffitt

Beaudoin Glass Jewelry & Décor is the creative brainchild of Jennifer Beaudoin Moffitt. For decades preceding entrepreneurship, her career path was in the graphics field as art has always been her focus.

In 2017, she came to a crossroads where she could take the terrifying leap of following her passion to start her own art glass business or stay on the career path she had chosen, remain ‘safe’ and financially sound as she sprinted toward her retirement years. It was her supportive husband who tipped the scale, encouraged her to go for it, and is her daily champion. To read more about her post-decision path, visit her blog page. 

Excited to connect with and learn from other glass artists, Jennifer joined the National Capital Art Glass Guild in 2017, served as Chair of the Nominations committee in 2018, webmaster in 2019 and beyond, and become President in 2020. She redesigned the website utilizing Squarespace for the public pages and ClubExpress for the member-only pages. She looks forward to an infinite mastery and study of the glass medium through education, practice, classes, experimentation, and shared learning among her colleagues.