Jeffro Hollington

Jeffrey “Jeffro” Hollington was born and raised in upstate New York. He graduated from Syracuse University with a Bachelor of Fine Arts in Illustration.

From the time he could pick up a crayon he was drawing on anything and everything. He was inspired by his grandfather Bill who was a carpenter and artist. He would run into his grandfather’s workshop/studio to see what new wonderful projects and works of art he had created. This led to Jeffro’s philosophy and mission, to put a smile on the faces of the viewers of his work. His goal is to make sure no wall gets left behind (No Empty Walls).

Having a strong background of drawing and painting. Jeffro does not spend a lot of time drawing the painting before he starts. He likes to jump right in and use paint to sketch on the canvas. The painting has a life and progression. A painting grows and changes. He photographs the progress of each painting so he can view the process. It’s also fun to see how it changes from start to finish. Bold strokes, clean colors and finishes with smaller fine lines and details.

Through the years Jeffro has developed a signature style and creates his subject matter with use of color to come alive.  His materials and mediums consist of acrylics, oils, watercolor and mixed media on canvas or wood. He is also part of a movement of “Live Painting” / Event Art for both corporate and social events.

His work is seen on the walls of corporate environments, retail and residential dwellings and galleries in Los Angles, West Midtown Atlanta and Oglethorpe University.

He currently lives with his chihuahuas, Princess Houdini and Mr. Biznazz, in Atlanta, Georgia as a local artist running Jeffro’s World of Color Commission Paintings, Live Event Painting & Murals.