Jean Houndsome

Jean Houndsome was born and raised in the majestically beautiful city of Cape Town, South Africa. She has made Atlanta her home for almost 10 years.

Jean first made her way to Atlanta in 1996 at age 22, as an au pair for a year. She fell in love with America and knew one day she wanted to make it her home.

She continued on her adventures and moved to London for 2 years. She traveled through the English Country side, as well as a few European countries.

One of her most memorable experiences while working in Birmingham, England, was when she took part in a radio contest. It was one of those” live in it and win it” car competitions and she ended up driving off with the wheels. Jean says” That memory will stay with me forever!! It was super sweet!!” Life is good….one interesting journey!

In 2001 she made her way back to America. She complained of boredom one day, when her then boyfriend altered the words that would somehow change everything: “Well do something….paint…. why don’t you paint that pot”, referring to an old empty terracotta pot plant holder filled with cobwebs.

Well, what do you know? She ran to the nearest art store, went home, cleaned the pot and painted until 3:00am. Jean says:” I had no idea I even liked to paint.” Very soon it went from pots, to wine glasses and eventually anything she could lay her hands on!

One day she ran out of things to paint and knocked on a random neighbor’s door. She asked if she could paint he’s terracotta pot that’s just sitting outside. “Uuuh, what?? Oh, ok. She took it back 2 days later and dropped it off and walked away. All she just wanted to do was paint!

She discovered this very unique medium back in 2005, started playing around and experimenting. Five years later she has grown tremendously as an artist. Her customers keep coming back for more, with an entourage of friends and family members.

Jean is very passionate about her work as an artist and it definitely shows. Her designs are so refreshingly unique and original and it keeps getting bigger and better.

She will always strive to give her customers the best quality work she can deliver. She has really big plans and big dreams for her business and plans to one day make Jeanique a household name.