JD Dennison

I find my spirituality at night, walking in nature. The absence of noise, light and movement gives a timeless beauty to the world. I knew from an early age that these experiences were something I wanted to spend my life finding and creating.

In 2009 I accidently took a picture with my flash on that would change my life and lead to all the work you see today. The flash illuminated a maple tree in my front yard in a pretty, but not extraordinary picture. Two years later, while browsing through old work, I inverted the photograph and my jaw dropped. I had found what I was looking for: the stillness and otherworldly beauty I felt at night, made visible. The darkness turned into a blank canvas.

But the real beautiful thing is that it has literally made my dreams come true. Five years ago I had a vision of traveling the world creating beauty out of nature. And most importantly, inspiring people with it.

Let my work be both a reminder that you can find beauty anywhere you look for it, and that creating your ideal self is the most meaningful thing you can do.