Jane Ruprecht

I've always been interested in taking pictures since I was a kid. In middle school, we had a photography club where we learned darkroom procedures , composition and printing.

In college I worked at an art gallery in Flemington, N.J. where I learned about matting, framing and wildlife art. I have been participating in art shows and selling my work for about 10 years here in Naples, Fl. 

I have been an educator for 43 years and love to share and teach my students about the creative process in both school work and photography. However, I retired this year and look forward to being able to do more shows and spend more time on my photography.

As I travel and shoot, I work to find unique perspectives in Nature to share with art enthusiasts everywhere. My dream is to get people to respect and be moved  together involved in saving the Ecosystems and wildlife that surround us before it is too late.

Thank you for you interest and support !

  Dr. Jane