Janice Czerwinski

My travels to destinations near and far for inspiration bring richness and adventure to plein air painting in oil.  Chasing light and movement in scenes that capture my heart through en plein air studies which develop into larger studio paintings.  My style is best described as paintings in oil showcasing light and shadow in an impressionistic style. Movement in each composition is created through lost and found edges.  Layers of paint building to add depth and dimension enhanced by bold brushwork and palette knife application.

My passion for nature and the artistic process began in my youth with a sketchbook in hand, fueled by frequent camping, fishing, and hiking excursions with my family.  After being awarded “Best in Show” and many other honors in high school art competitions I was encouraged to pursue a career in the arts.  My journey began with a graphic design degree, over 30 years of experience as a graphic designer and secondary art teacher.  During this time, continually pursuing my passion for painting through professional workshops and mentoring by master painters.  

Creating works of art that become experiences, bring beauty and mystery, heal and takes us out of the 'real world', elevate our senses, encourage us to think and feel.