Isack Kousnsky

Isack Kousnsky was born in Haifa, Israel in the 1950's. Early experiences in Israel are at the core of Kousnsky's artistic outlook. Isack fashions transcendent images of nature and fantastic views of the city meant to jolt us out of our frenzied, urban routines. He employs an array of abstract compositional strategies that play with the viewer's perception of pictorial space. In the looming, mirrored compositions of his oceanscapes, we are presented with the very image of infinity. In his flower pictures, we are left to wander through all-over compositions of blossoms and branches.

There is also a bit of whimsy in Kousnsky's nature photographs. Unexpected colors might disrupt an otherwise naturalistic landscape or natural forms might cluster into suggestive shapes, stimulating the viewer's imagination. While many of his recent works definitely cross over into the realm of digital art, Isack still identifies as a photographer, as each digitally manipulated image begins with one or more of his own photographs.