Herion Park

My wearable works of art interfuse my personal visual, emotional and professional experiences from my time spent delving into life on two big continents, Asia and North America. I've lived in some of the biggest cities and also some of the smallest towns.

My recent designs take their inspiration from and combine the spirit of a mix of sources too, both urban and bucolic, ascetically impoverished and excessively abundant. This season, I combine "high-style cosmopolitan" architecture with the unexpectedly complex designs of nature. The forms, shapes and colors that you'll see in this most recent collection take that concept and turn it into a new form, a new life. I paint with both high and low keyed colors and all the nuances in between onto my fabrics and build it all to a crescendo with structured and lavish forms that harmoniously flow together.

I'm a colorist. I trained as a painter and a fashion designer because neither field satisfied me alone. My couture garments are created with sensitivity and style. I'm direct and tell it like it is. But there is a sort of poetic dichotomy in that... My designs are as alive with energy, and like me they are simultaneously disciplined. They are power clothes with a sensitive side.