Heidi Hess

Heidi is one of the most distinctive, visionary designers in eye-catching knitwear fashion. Her style is consistently inventive, exciting and relentlessly surprising.

Career #1 was all about music & a successful radio career that covered New York City, Chicago & Miami. Radio station voice & voice overs in LA led to her next chapter. While living in LA : her Mom sent a hand knit shawl, that she thought could mean something...and was not sure exactly what that was... Heidi wore it to the VH1 awards. The one of a kind piece caught the attention of high-profile celebrity stylists and Janet Jackson’s entourage which led to a dedicated segment on EXTRA! 

"I love scouring the earth for unique fiber & fabric". Seeing someone in one of my pcs never gets old and still surprises me.":. Look for HHD Pop Up sale events in Jackson Hole, New Jersey, New York City, Santa Monica, DC, Toronto and more 2017.