Heather Diamond

Since I was a child, I’ve always related to nature. My dad used to take me bird watching and it became a part of me.

Growing up in Massachusetts and now living in Colorado, I’ve been drawn to wildlife photography and, in particular, birds. I sometimes get so enamored by nature that I actually miss capturing the photograph.  That means I must visit a place several times.  First to get the feel for the place and then to capture it.  Nature brings me such joy and peace and I strive to convey that in my work.

Part of the challenge of being a wildlife photographer is being at the right place at the right time. Getting out often is essential because I’ll never get a great picture if I don’t get out!

One time, in Yellowstone National Park, I waited for hours listening to wolves howling, but I never set eyes on one. Other days, it all comes together and I am blessed with some of the most amazing shots!

One of the things I like the best about my work is observing how people respond differently to the same image. For example, a black and white photo can evoke feelings of coldness, severity, peacefulness, calmness, relaxation, or even, violence. I love listening to people sharing their feelings about my art.

Most wildlife photographers are men. Being a woman, I think I bring a feminine eye to wildlife. Maybe it’s that I have a different eye; or that I try different angles to get a special view; or maybe I just see the simple beauty of an animal in its element. Whatever the reason, people are right when they tell me “I can tell you love your job.” And I do!

Nature is my playground no matter the season. Go out and enjoy it!