Gregory Tomb

Glass can help us see differently. I've always been inspired by the optical qualities of glass. The ways light travels through glass will often create spaces which invite reflection. Some times when I see a piece of glass I reflect, wondering about the process used to create it. Sometimes it is simply the beauty, however simple or complex, which captures my attention.

Classic clear forms and colorful designs fascinate me. I come alive in the intensity of heat and concentration it takes to capture forms while working with hot glass. I love how diamond-lined tools, cork and pumice can cut, grind and polish glass.

In my work, I use classic techniques of furnace, fused, flame worked and cold worked glass. I am interested in the modern technological advances available and love finding new ways to express the beauty of this medium.

My techniques vary from project to project, but the process of pondering about the subject, thinking about how glass can be used and applying passion to execute an idea is always the same. Whether I use techniques I've practiced or find a new way of expression, I love the challenge and joy of the glass making process from beginning to completion.