Greg Lathrop

I began my clay career while attending high school at Heights High School located in Wichita, Kansas during my sophomore year, 1976.  My high school teacher, Terry Aikins was a great instructor and mentor.  I remained close to him until his death in 2005.  He encouraged me to attend my first art show in 1979.  After high school, I attended Wichita State University with a primary interest in Studio Arts. 
After finishing college, I continued my work in clay.  In 1996, I attached the name B & G Pottery to my work and business. In 1998, I moved to Derby, Kansas and set up a studio in my home where I currently work today with my wife, Jennie.   

I create handmade functional and decorative pottery primarily on the wheel.  I do some sculpture and hand-building work with a slab roller and extruder.  I have found that my work is ever evolving.  My wife & I travel year-round to fine art festivals through-out the country and enjoy the opportunity to see the country and meet people from all over the states.