Glenn Lewis

Glenn first became interested in photography while participating in Semester at Sea, a study abroad program he participated in while attending the University of Colorado. In the program, approximately 700 university students took a semester's worth of courses on a retired cruise ship that took them around the world, making ten different stops of three to seven days each. This trip, in addition to initially fueling Glenn's interest in photography (and earning him credit towards graduation), was the primary cause of his interest in world travel.

He graduated in 2006 with a degree in Civil Engineering, and promptly went to work for a small civil engineering firm in Denver, Colorado. His first major post-graduation purchase was a Canon DSLR and lens. For the duration of his time as an engineer, he'd talked about moving abroad to have new, exciting experiences. Then, at a friend's Christmas party in 2007, he spontaneously purchased a non-refundable, one-way ticket to New Zealand. He moved there in April, 2008, and worked as a ski lift operator to finance his continued travels. He lived in New Zealand for seven months, where he spent his free time enjoying the outdoors and taking photos.

In October, 2008, he moved to Australia. He worked odd jobs and eventually purchased a van which he lived out of for the next year. Doing so allowed him to see more of the country than he would otherwise have been able to. He circumnavigated the country, working as necessary, and taking pictures along the way. Upon the expiration of his visa, he returned home, to Colorado, for the summer of 2010. While home, Glenn went on a number of camping trips in the American West, and completed the necessary paperwork to get a job teaching English in South Korea.

He moved to Tongyeong, South Korea, in August 2010, and the year he spent there allowed him to save enough money for a trip he'd always dreamed of. In September, 2011, he went to Nepal, and spent the next four months trekking, and photographing the sights. In January, 2012, he began a two month journey through Thailand, Cambodia, and Vietnam, where he eventually got another job teaching English.

He spent the summer of 2012 back in Colorado, and again enjoyed numerous camping and road trips, including a stint in the Canadian Rockies. Soon, his financial situation dictated that he get back to work, and he returned to South Korea. He taught English to public school students on the Korean island of Jeju from October, 2012 until April, 2015. He used his free time to go through years of backlogged photos, and this site represents the culmination of those efforts.

In April, 2015, Glenn said goodbye to his life in South Korea and spent several months traveling through China, Mongolia, Kenya, and Tanzania, returning to Colorado in July, 2015.  Before he'd had a chance to settle back into American life, he took off on yet another camping and road trip.  This time, he went to Canada's eastern provinces, and a good number of eastern and southern states in America.  

He spent the spring of 2016 traveling around the country, participating in art shows, while living out of a Prius.  It proved to be a fun, learning experience in which he met a lot of interesting people and sold enough photos to keep food on his plate. His summer was spent traveling through Alaska and Western Canada, capturing photographs of untamed wilderness and wildlife. 

2017 was Glenn's busiest year yet, as he again traveled around the country, participating in many Nationally-ranked art shows, including Art Fair Sourcebook's Number one Show in the USA, and four of Sunshine Artist's Top Five. He spent three weeks in Iceland, and is already trying to figure out when he can return.

2018 will be another busy year for Glenn - most of his time will be spent participating in art shows throughout America, but he plans on using any available free time to photograph the pacific northwest. Additionally, he has a week-long trip planned to Churchill, Manitoba, Canada, to photograph polar bears in early November, and is hoping to have the opportunity to photograph in Hawaii, as well.