Geoffrey Warner

"The Pro Owl (patent pending) evolved to meet the needs healthcare professionals. Using feedback from those in the field, we have softened the front corners to allow for greater range of leg motion. Our sturdy cast aluminum base, made in the USA, features durable rubber footrests, allowing for variable sitting heights, and the gas cylinder is lifetime-guaranteed. The Pro Owl Stool will move with you effortlessly, supporting optimal posture and helping you glide through your workday with ease. Some happy customers even call it “an extension of the body”.

My inspiration as a furniture designer began with Scandinavian and Eastern influences. These forms were close to my heart many years ago when I studied with the Danish master, Tage Frid at the Rhode Island School of Design. After many years practicing as a designer, craftsman and solutionary I still find passion working with the natural beauty of wood. I said to a customer recently that I am a wood Doctor. They said “Really?” No, just kidding, but I love seeing how the Owl has provided such healthy, ergonomic comfort and relief for so many of our customers".