Gaston Carrio

"Since graduating with a Bachelor’s degree in Architecture in 2001, I have spent much of my time designing different architectural projects all over the world. Drawing and sketching have always been a part of my life, especially during my years of training and working as an architect. At first painting represented primarily a means of self-discovery and expression for me, but over the years it has become an integral part of who I am.

I am smitten, and at the same time intrigued, by the underlying, yet unspoken and sublime conversation, that a painting can evoke within one’s unconsciousness. The range and possibility between the brush stroke; whether it be simple or complex, coupled with its overall effect, both inspires and challenges me to induce certain sense of the unknown, intimacy, as well as awe. I get immersed into interpreting the unconscious symbolisms, especially those exceeding the limitations of simply aesthetical conditions."