Gary Love

Gary Love’s Passion for landscape photography began on a camping trip when he was a teenager. Taking photographs became a way to share his adventures and love of nature with friends and family. Gary has been taking photographs for over 25 years, but in 2003 after selling his landscape design company he became a full-time professional photographer. “I think having a landscape design company has really given me an edge as a photographer. I was at a young age able to create a layout for a property that achieved a balance and harmony that I also strive for in the composition of my images.”

Gary breaks many traditional photography rules because he has no formal training; however, this is something he feels is to his benefit. “I gained what knowledge I could from the books I read, but quickly realized I learned much more by keeping a log of each photo taken, then reviewing those notes while looking at each piece of film. I believe that in landscape photography each person needs to see and experience nature’s ever-changing beauty in their own way.” Love spends months on the back-roads of America armed with just his cameras and camping gear. “I usually remain at a location for a great deal of time before picking up my camera, exploring and getting a sense of my surroundings.” In early 2005 Gary embarked on a full time exploration of first, the U.S., then the world, in an attempt to capture the once in a lifetime moments that have become an essential element to the images he is most noted for in the art world. His images have been featured in several publications; his work is collected by various corporations as well as individual collectors all over the world, and is available in numerous fine art galleries. His patience and dedication to his craft pays off.