Frank Baer

"I am an abstract photographer based in Denver Colorado.   I am an outdoors enthusiast and adventurer, and  I enjoy taking photographs of my adventures. I began creating art when I was young.  I sold my first piece of art when I was 6; two multicolored tie-dyed pillows.  That was definitely a sign of the creative endeavors to come.   I work with a camera because it allows me to capture light and colors in a way that is unique and inspiring.

My photography is all about capturing and displaying light and colors.  I showcase the colors and movement and bring attention to various shapes and patterns that I capture in a moment of color brilliance.  I see my art as painting with the camera, where the movement of the camera combined with subject produce the brush strokes.  The streaks and patches of color are chaotic, ordered, patterned and calming.  These images are an expression of how I see color and light.  I imagine that if my thoughts were colors, they would look like this.

My photographs are all about contrast:  the contrast of the colors, the different shapes and intensities of color, the thicknesses of the lines and the sharpness of the curves in contrast to the black background.  There is continuous movement in the work.  There is also a variety of visual texture.  The patterns flow and feel organic and natural.  The textures provide depth across the photographs".