Flo Kemp

I am an artist from Long Island and, although I do work in oils, I specialize in soft ground etchings that have a “painterly” effect. My inspirations are land and sea scapes-- scenes not only of local beaches but also of rural mountain areas. I work full time as an artist and especially with the etching process. Etchings are actually a form of intaglio printing-- a process where a drawing is first done on a zinc plate and then immersed in an acid bath until the acid actually cuts or etches a line. The variations in tone are achieved by lengthening the periods of immersion in the acid bath. Once the plate is etched, the colors are obtained by applying oil-based etching inks directly on the plate and then hand-pulled through a press. The plate has to be re-inked and wiped for each successive proof.

My work, both in the etching and also with the oils, reflects my quiet personality. Be it a land or a seascape, my etchings and oils are serene, reflective, subtle and simple in design.​​