Florencia Clement de Grandprey

Born and raised in southern Spain, Florencia is the daughter of an American mother and a French/Italian father. Ever since a young age, she has loved creating and making things with her hands. She painted her first oil painting at age 5. Spanish architecture, flamenco, colorful and elaborate patterns along with a simple elegance, influenced her childhood, and now her artwork. Apart from a few basic painting and drawing classes, Florencia is a self taught artist. Florencia has been involved in interior design for the past 14 years, and has lived in Florida for nearly as long. She combines her love of the classic masters with contemporary design flair. At the heart of her work is the desire to portray proud, elegant, and confident women. She does so by up-cycling and re-purposing materials that would otherwise be disposed of such as discontinued fabric and paper samples. She is inspired by the myriad of colors, textures, and mesmerizing patterns found in them. In 2014 Florencia began a series of mixed media paintings of “empowered women” that she created in hopes of inspiring men and women everywhere. Florencia is a professional makeup artist as well, and uses her knowledge in art and makeup artistry interchangeably to create realistic portrait-like paintings. Florencia won first place in Mixed Media in 2014, 2015 and 2016 in the Florida chapter of the International Interior Design Association “Art by Design” contest as well as the “People’s Choice Award” in 2015. In 2016 she was chosen as a finalist and regional representative for Miami in the Bombay Sapphire “Artisan Series” contest showing in Scope Miami as part of Art Basel Miami. 

"“Inspire and be inspired” is how I live my life and create my artwork. I grew up with walls covered in original art and admiring colorful paintings at home...and because of this, it’s impossible for me to imagine any space or home without art. I believe art is to be shared and enjoyed…not a selfish expression of myself. I am excited by everything that surrounds me, intrigued by man-made and nature’s creations, and compelled to combine the common and the unusual, colors and materials, emotions and positive energy. My contribution is uplifting, empowering, sometimes a little daring, but always tasteful. A large portion of my works portrays women. They are tributes to strong, elegant women. They are women who could be anyone and at the same time have definite personalities. I invite the audience to imagine the stories of these ladies and explore the feelings they evoke…I love hearing the stories my paintings inspire…and so, in turn, I feel inspired to continue painting and creating more art."