Enrique Chavez

I was born in 1968 in Cuba. Photography has been my passion since I was a child, using my father cameras to learn, practicing and developing the 35 mm films at that time. I graduated as Medical Doctor in Cuba in 1992 and began to work at University of Havana as a professor of Human Anatomy. In 2000 I moved to Miami, Florida, where I currently live, and began to work as ultrasound technician (sonographer). 


In the other hand, I began to collect my photography stuff, and studying photography as an autodidact.


I kept working as sonographer for 17 years, curiously, taking pictures and videos of the human body, until October 2021 when I lost my job, and everything changed. What was my hobby until that moment, photography, would be now my full-time job. This means now I am dedicating more time to create art, and attending more art festivals, to show my creations.


My brand Quique Photography® was born in 2015 and it comes from my nickname: “Quique” (pronunciation: k IH - k eh ).


My photography is mostly food and drink photography, and my signature is just connect photos with a movement or an action between both pictures. Some times I add a 3D element to make the photography more real. This way almost all series are sets of 2-3 pictures, most of the time printed in metal.


I include a series of ice cubes with flowers, fruits and vegetables inside them, very popular for kitchen, dining or bathrooms.


My art is showed in the most important art festivals of the USA, including the southeast, east coast and center of the country, where I have obtained several awards during the last several years.


~Enrique Chavez